Do you want to have better quality khutba at your school or workplace?! Carleton University's MSA (Muslim Students Association) along with ICC (Islam Care Centre) and MYO (Muslim Youth of Ottawa) are together hosting a one day Khateeb Workshop this Saturday November 5th. The workshop will focus on how to give a good khutbah, along with some basic relevant Fiqh. It will take place in Carleton University: Azrieli Pavillion: Room 132, This Saturday from 11am to 4pm. For more info, visit or Carleton MSA facebook page. Click here to register!

MYO endeavors to coordinate Jumuah khutbah (Friday sermons) in high schools around the city. Participation in this training ensures there is a level of competency and relevant orientation to deliver the best service to youth with emphasis on being positive, contributing Canadian youth.

Islam Care Centre coordinates Jumuah khutbah (Friday sermons) in long term care facilities to a sensitive population eager to participate in Friday services.
Such training enables participants to best deliver seconds to such audiences with relevant messages of hope and love. For more info and to participate please visit

High School Friday Prayers


The high school Friday prayers (Jumuahs) is the main service that the Muslim Youth of Ottawa help facilitate. Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), there are 17 schools across the city that hold Friday prayers...

Coordination with Schools

The way the MYO helps with the Friday Prayers is by sending trained volunteers from the community to the schools to deliver the sermon. Every volunteer must complete a half-day workshop...


Community organizations also take part in the workshop. A member from Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) and from the Council of American-Islamic Relations Canada...


Religious freedoms are protected within the Ontario Human Rights Code. The school administration is required to accomodate your right to hold Friday prayers (and even the regular salat) to the point of...

Growing Need

Although we are greatful that 17 schools in the city have Friday prayers, there are still several that don't. At our peak, we had nearly 18 schools serviced. Why the decrease? Simply put, a shortage of...

We are always looking for intelligent, dedicated and committed volunteers.

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