About Us

Three Decades of Awesome!

Our focus is youth! We aim to provide a positive atmosphere where children and youth can learn more about their creator, their prophet peace be upon him, tenets of Islam and each other in a truly Islamic environment and most important of all, having fun doing so. Through connecting the youth with the natural elements of Allah's creation during a week-long summer camp we build character, respect, and leadership. With the ultimate objective of building a lasting bond among the Muslim Youth with the hope of building a stronger and resilient community community for the future, Insha'Allah.


The MYO Summer Camp, which lasts for 1 week in August, is designed to provide an Islamic environment for Muslim Youth between the ages of 9 and 16. With a combination of dynamic workshops, focused skill development activities, group projects, and fun the camp provides a positive and energetic approach in helping our youth to live and build a constructive, resilient Canadian Islamic identity. Our young members will have a wonderful opportunity to make new friendships and build bonds that will last many years beyond the camp. We pray that Allah (SWT) will bless this camp and be pleased with our efforts to serve Islam.

Leaders in Training (LIT) We have a special leadership development program for youth over the age of 16 who wish to develop their skills further or to become counselor with our camp in the future. This program included specialized activities and sessions, and the youth get to spend time in tents with their fellow campers.

The program includes:
Quran studies and recitation,
Islamic manners and reflection,
Skills and crafts workshops,
Leadership Development,
Nature Reflections and immersion,
Sports and recreational activities,
Swimming and Archery,
Survival Skills and bonfires,
Canoeing and the Muslympics,
among many other educational and fun activities.


Want to join our amazing team of counselors, cooks, or lifeguards? Please email us or call. Please be prepared to submit a resume describing relevant skills or experience, and provide a police record check.

Cinque Terre

Safety First

It is very important to maintain the safety of your dear children as you leave them in our care. For this we have principles we uphold.

1. We train our counselors in mental health first aid, CPR, First Aid, & Defibrillator use, plus canoes rescue & survival skills.
2. We have life guards on-site who actively monitor the waterfront during swim and canoe time.
3. We follow all guidelines regarding waterfront use, including mandatory life jackets when in a watercraft.
4. We follow strict guidelines for food storage and preparation, as well as sanitation and cleanup.