Transportation & Directions

  • Address: 306 Campground Lane, Westport ON K0G1X0
  • Please ensure that your child(ren) are at the campground between 2-4 pm on Sunday August 13th.
  • Please ensure that you pick up you children between 12-2 pm Saturday August 19th.
  • Please respect these times.
  • Many children will need a ride to the camp, therefore if you need assistance with transportation, or if you have space for a passenger please contact Omar Mahfoudhi at 613-232-0210 or myoadmin@gmail.com.


Directions to Long Bay Camp from Ottawa
  • From Ottawa take Hwy 417 west
  • exit at hwy 7 west
  • continue on HWY 7 west until you reach the town of Perth
  • when you have reached Perth, at the 2nd set of traffic lights turn left onto Wilson (there will be a Canadian Tire on the right just before the turn)
  • at the 2nd set of lights on Wilson, turn right onto Sunset Blvd. which is also RR 6 (after the 1st set of traffic lights you will go over a set of train tracks before meeting the 2nd set of lights and the turn to Sunset Blvd.)
  • continue along RR 6 until you get to a stop sign at an intersection; RR 6 ends at this point and a gravel road continues on
  • go straight onto the gravel road and follow this road until you see a sign for Long Bay Campground at which point you turn right.
  • follow this road until you arrive at the campground.


Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre